Sing for Six is a video program with 6-minute vocal workouts and live sessions once per week.



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Sing 4 Six



Sing for Six will:

  • Encourage you to build a healthy vocal routine
  • Gain confidence to share your voice
  • Make you fall in love with your immense talent
  • Stretch your voice to places you previous thought were impossible
  • Create vocal habits that will transfer into your songs

You will:

  • Strengthen your voice
  • Build your musical ear
  • Gain control of your voice
  • Expand your range
  • Strengthen your range and registers
Let's do this!


If you have 6-minutes to scroll on Instagram, you have 6-minutes to sing! 

A warm-up program for beginning or seasoned singers.

Improve your singing in just 6-minutes per day! All you have to do is press play.

I truly believe that short, mindful vocal practice sessions are far more beneficial than long, tedious ones. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY is my motto.

Wanna try it before committing? 

Try it for a week for free.