Learn clinical strategies to conquer stage fright and perform at your peak

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How frustrating is it to practice for hours and hours, sing and perform perfectly in the practice room, only to have it go nothing like you planned when you hit the stage?


Imagine how you’d feel if you could:


  • Look forward to your next performance

  • Have thoughts of success versus fears of failure

  • Hit the stage with the right kind of energy and excitement


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Performance anxiety is not a disease, it's a skill deficit!

I want to be a confident performer!


The first workshop is Conquer Stage Fright on November 2!

Dr. Jon Skidmore is back with a webinar series for musicians, actors, and performers of any type to teach you the skills and tools to unleash the peak performer inside of YOU!

Side effects of attending these workshops include:

  • An increased willingness and eagerness to perform
  • A heightened ability to deliver quality performances (like you do when you’re practicing alone)
  • Science-based strategies you can take with you to any public performances

Here’s what you get:

  • Link to attend virtual 1 hr workshop
  • PDF worksheet or workbook related to the topics in the workshop
  • Lifetime access to a video recording of the webinar




“I had more fun performing this time around because I wasn't as focused on everything that did go "wrong". I felt a sense of belonging on the stage, I started to believe that my voice deserved to be heard. I felt more relaxed on stage and could tell my body ‘it was safe’ and could calm myself each time I got really excited” - Margarita Macias




Meet Your Coach

Dr. Jon Skidmore is a performance coach, licensed clinical psychologist, educator, researcher, author and singer. He co-authored Conquer Anxiety: How to overcome anxiety and optimize your performance.

He has helped thousands of performers from around the world to find freedom on stage and in life.

His life-changing coaching and workshops have opened doors that were once shut and kept doors open that would have remained closed.

He is on the faculty of the Brigham Young University School of Music and teaches The Psychology of Music Performance and has a private psychological practice in Orem, Utah.

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