Performance anxiety is not a disease, it’s a skill deficit.



Do any of these sound familiar?

Were you told if you practiced more you'd be less nervous?

Do you find performing more stressful than fun?

Are you worried about being judged by your peers or an audition panel?

Do you show up to perform and hope for the best?

Imagine if you could...

Look forward to your next performance

Have thoughts of success versus fears of failure

Hit the stage with the right kind of energy

What if you had all the tools you need to conquer stage fright and perform with freedom and ease?!

The method to overcome stage fright is not rocket science,
it's brain science.
  • Learn how to shift your mindset from negative to positive
  • Re-write your negative story
  • Understand the science behind stage fright
  • Specific breathing exercises to relax your body and calm your mind
  • Affirmations and visualizations to support a grounded performance
  • Learn how to be proactive in your preparations for performances
  • Learn tools to manage performance anxiety on the day of

If you've been trying to figure out how you can overcome stage fright without resorting to medication, then this is for you! 

Learn clinical strategies to conquer stage fright and performing at your peak!

Get access to 4 webinar replays and all the resources that accompany them.

Conquer Stage Fright: Perform With Confidence

Combine mental skills and techniques to conquer your stage fright so the quality of your performances will be elevated to heights you never thought possible.


  • Stage Fright Reference Guide (PDF)
  • Practice Tracker
  • Copy of Dr. Jon's book Conquer Anxiety: How to overcome anxiety and optimize your performance.

Master Your Mindset: Find Your Flow On Stage

Dr. Skidmore will share his original research and show you how to design a mindset that makes a difference!


  • 7 breathing exercise videos
  • Tools to manage mindset
  • Finding Flow Checklist
  • Meditation track (mp3)

Imposter Syndrome, Who Me?

Learn about the cast of characters that are part of the production of “your life" and how to befriend the imposter and empower the performer.  


  • Befriending the Imposter - 30-minute bonus training video 

30 Days 'Til Your Next Performance

Learn how to effectively use the Peak Performance Journal. This is an invaluable tool for teachers, students and professionals.


  • 30 Days to Peak Performance Journal (PDF)

Meet Your Coach

Dr. Jon Skidmore Psy.D.

Dr. Jon Skidmore is a performance coach, licensed clinical psychologist, educator, researcher, author and singer. He co-authored Conquer Anxiety: How to overcome anxiety and optimize your performance.

He has helped thousands of performers from around the world to find freedom on stage and in life.

His life-changing coaching and workshops have opened doors that were once shut and kept doors open that would have remained closed.

He is on the faculty of the Brigham Young University School of Music and teaches The Psychology of Music Performance and has a private psychological practice in Orem, Utah.


We all know what 30 days of exercise will do for the body. Now you will know what 30 days of systematic preparation will do for your next performance. 

Your 30 Days to Peak Performance Journal that shows you exactly what you need to do for each day leading up to your performance.

  • Strengthen your mindset,
  • Work your mental focus,
  • Hone your musical preparation, and
  • Become excited as you prepare for your moment to shine.

What people are saying...

Natalie H.


“The mental aspects helped me get out of my own way. Rather than focusing on the parts where I struggled, I focused on the parts that I excelled at and acknowledged how I can improve for next time.”

Margarita M.


I had more fun this time around because I wasn't as focused on everything that could go "wrong". I felt a sense of belonging on the stage, I believed that my voice deserves to be heard."

Mark Baxter

World Renowned Voice Coach

"The Peak Performance series is like a treasure map, a step-by-step guide to uncover the musical potential buried within youDon’t let doubt and insecurity pirate your passion."

Are you ready to have:

  • A new found enjoyment for the performance process

  • An overall rise in your performance consistency and quality.
  • Thoughts of success versus fears of failure

  • The ability to hit the stage with the right kind of energy

  • A willingness to step up, take risks, and put yourself out there.

"The Peak Performance Series is full of powerful principles and useful exercises that can help anyone take control of their thinking and perform at their very best."
Dave Crenshaw, Author

Peak Performance Series


All the tools in one place

  • Access to all 4 webinar replays
  • All PDF resources that accompany each topic
  • Bonus trainings
  • Breathing exercises and meditations
  • Peak Performance journal

Performance Attitude and Profile Questionnaire


Here's what's inside:

  • The Performance Profile Questionnaire: explores different aspects of your experience as a performer.
  • Performance Attitude Profile: meant to highlight your current attitudes towards your performing.

Not sure if you have stage fright or performance anxiety...

Figure out your current attitudes around performing and pinpoint the mental preparation you need to focus on.


"When I finally looked inward and assessed my attitude performing, I realized I was sabotaging myself…and so began my journey to conquer my performance anxiety." - Mike

The OLD SCHOOL Approach to Flow

Practice, practice, practice, hope, stress, and worry.

The NEW SCHOOL Approach to Flow

The Five Stages of Peak Performance: The cutting-edge approach that brings neuroscience and performance psychology to your practice room and stage.

Don’t let your self-doubt hold you back from sharing your musical gift with the world!