This is my story…

In 1996 I moved from Montreal to Calgary with no friends and nothing to do.

I turned to music for comfort.

I started singing in my room to No Doubt, Greenday, Bush X, Foo Fighters and any other alternative rock band I had in my collection.

School started and I made some friends who were really into hip hop and R&B. I am talking Destiny’s Child, 702, En Vogue, Blackstreet, 2PAC and SWV. 

My best friend in Montreal told me about a musical he loved and thought I’d love too, and so began our collective obsession with the musical RENT. It was my introduction to musical theatre and, of course, it was a musical that was on the fringe of the genre and a little (a lot) edgy.

I wasn’t ready to trade in my Airwalks, baggy pants and ball chain necklace yet but I was realizing that I sincerely love so many genres of music.


My introduction to singing lessons...

I was in my friend’s room one day and started singing along to No Doubt and she said “Wow, you have a great voice, you should take singing lessons, you could go to my teacher.” 

I was 13, I didn’t know private voice lessons were even a thing until that moment. So, I signed up and there began my vocal journey.

In high school, I joined the St. Mary’s Choir, directed by Audrey Gunther. She became my musical mother figure over time and I wanted to be her when I grew up. She has since passed away but she made a huge impression on me and remains in my thoughts.

Our Jazz Choir was particularly strong and was invited to New York to sing at Carnegie Hall, where I had a solo.

The start of my Career...

In 2001, I started teaching privately with a focus on mainstream and musical theatre styles.

Private coaching led to other job offers. I served on the faculty of The Young Canadians of the Calgary Stampede from 2012 to 2016, I work annually on the Calgary Stampede Grandstand Show, I am a solo vocal coach for Revv52 members and was invited to participate in Disney’s 2017 Educator’s Summit: Inspiring Brilliance where I met Dr. Jon Skidmore.

Dr. Skidmore taught me his Path to Peak Performance method to conquer stage fright and started me on my journey to helping others achieve greatness and happiness on stage. I want to equip you with the positive mindset tools I learned in his program.


I am also the co-director of The SHOW, a performance training programs for singers and dancers aged 9-25.

In 2011, I co-wrote and recorded my first album with my band, Minerva, which was a singer-songwriter trio with sweeping harmonies and acoustic instrumentation. We gigged a lot! I was finally having fun on stage along with my other female bandmates.

I am currently writing the music for an ADHD musical which is an adventure and a challenge.

I love watching people improve their voice within their first lesson and beyond. I show you that it’s possible to improve your singing voice no matter your age, you just need a plan and process. 

I’ve now worked with thousands of students and artists. Many of whom you can hear on streaming services, who have been in touring musicals, who have won major talent competitions, who are now music therapists, music educators, work in film and television and the serious hobbyists who loves to hit up open mics and karaoke night.

There are no goals too big or too small, but I can’t help you if I don’t know you! 



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